Short Story: A Meeting in Heaven

A Meeting in Heaven – Michael Bradley-Robbins

This is my creative project for RELB 303 at Walla Walla University. It is a short chronicle of the story of Job as seen through the eyes of two angels participating in the meetings in heaven mentioned in Job 1:6-12 and 2:1-6.

The story incorporates original elements, as well as elements from the Bible. There is some dialogue in classical Hebrew:

  • “Hallelu et-Adonay” – praise the LORD
  • “Niholel-yah” – we praise the LORD
  • “Bareku et-Adonay” – bless the LORD
  • “Nebarek-yah” – we bless the LORD
  • “Havel havalim hakkol havel” – quoted from Ecclesiastes 1:2, often translated as “vanity of vanities, everything is meaningless”. This is better understood as referencing the fleeting nature of life, but in this case it is an accusation of the fleeting nature of feeble faith.


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