New endeavor, redux

Well, RPG Maker has yet to be looked at, as I mentioned in my last post. But I did buy myself a refurbished iPad. I’m finding that touch typing on it is almost easy. Sadly, the Yarny app is iPhone specific, so it looks like crap and won’t go landscape. Oh well, my subscription hasn’t been active for years. If only Scrivener had an app…. I guess that’s my next thing to check for in the App Store.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’ve got a new tool at my disposal, which I can use instead of my bulky laptop. I may not be able to use my favorite keyboard layout (come on, Apple, I want my Dvorak software keyboard!), and accuracy might not be 100%, but at least it’s faster than typing with just my thumbs.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to publish my original fiction under a pen name, for a couple of reasons. First, the name I’ve chosen rolls off the tongue better than my birth name. Second, using a pen name will allow for a degree of separation between me and what I write, allowing me to use themes and maybe language that I wouldn’t want associated with my name. I’m not saying that I’m going to go as blue as a Tarantino movie–I’m too talented to work blue–but I kind of want a little bit more freedom for my characters to be themselves rather than forcing the into more PG fa├žades.

Anyway, I’m rambling because it’s getting late, and I’m getting tired. I’m also getting back into the mood for writing; I decided to try and work on my third rewrite of Screech (now called Pacifica), but I’m working full time, so it’s hard to get anything down unless I pants it. Normally, that’s how I write, but this chapter is especially crappy. I also need to finish editing and revising chapter 6 of Forbidden, which I want to get published by the end of the month.

All right, time to get back to setting up this new toy (which is where I’m posting this from). I still have have apps to find and settings to tweak, and it’s gonna take a while.