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Tron Uprising: First Thoughts

Can somebody please pay me to watch this? Because two episodes in, I’m not enjoying it.

First, the choppy animation looks cheap. I know they were going for a certain aesthetic, but it looks like they have nothing but key frames. ┬áSecond, the character art is very stylized, and I am not a fan of it. Not only does it not match the stylistics of the original Tron, but it also doesn’t line up with the stylistics of Tron: Legacy. ┬áThe art director, Alberto Mielgo, may have won an Emmy for this, but I don’t care. Third, the plot is dull and predictable, and the characters are not very well realized thus far. (Especially Zed, who is an admitted idiot and has no merits whatsoever.)

I will finish this series at some point, but honestly, don’t expect high marks.