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NaNoWrimo, halfway point

For those who don’t know, I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo┬áthis year, and I’m a bit behind. At the end of today, my word count is supposed to be 25,005. It currently stands at almost 18,000. But I’m still doing much better than I have in past years. If I can buckle down and write this weekend and over Thanksgiving break, I just might be able to pull off my 50,000 word goal.

It’s currently the fifteenth, the halfway point of the mad dash. I’ve been beset by mountains of quehaceres (for lack of a better term), from homework to laundry to eating. Yes, eating is considered a chore during this month. Anyhow, I’ve been having trouble finding time to write. But if I can get caught up this weekend, it won’t be so bad.

Now for my story. I changed my plot bunny literally on October 27th, and I had no plan as to how I would continue, but to be honest, this is my first new idea in years. Literally. So I decided I’d give it a try. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Shef Ameh is a girl without a family. After watching everything she loved coming to an end, she must continue on under the leadership of Milath, a member of an elusive, all-female order of warrior monks known as the Agahai. As she trains to follow in Milath’s footsteps, she has no idea what role she will play in the future of hra’vakh civilization.

And I’ll leave it there. I have to get back to writing if I hope to get close to 25K before I go to bed (which will be early tonight. Seriously, I can’t get by on less than seven hours of sleep, much less five and a half).