I’m MBR, and I’m a writer, musician, conlanger, and wannabe artist. I got my start in 6th grade when I began writing an abominable fanfic by the name of Shaq of all Trades. No part of it was original. Not the characters, not the plot, and not even the story elements. I mixed Tron, Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars, Star Trek, and basketball. Even the title was stolen, probably from MADTV. This work has been lost to digital oblivion, and if you ask whether this is intentional, I will refuse to respond.

Fourish years later, I was trying to draw, and I came up with an alien who resembled a giant lizard. This kicked off an immense project that is still running today. His name was Drak, and he was a Hra’vakh. That was all I knew. I thought, “Hey, lemme try writing this dude a story.” I called it Breakaway, and it became my first novel. That novel is currently building up to its 3rd rewrite, and I plan on publishing it as my debut novel.

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